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Fire damage beyond the visible: avoid damage to your AC & Heating System.

The fires that ravaged the Orange County area have left noticeable damage to great portions of our beloved county, but there is more to consider than what the eye can see. While many home and business owners are dealing with major damage there is something you should consider in your own home: all that ash, soot, and dust that filled the air will have made it's way through your heating/AC system. Winds carried these particles to cover most of Orange County and into your filtering system.

While the filtering system does a good amount to filter out these contaminants, it's not enough for the finer particles that come from big fires like the Canyon Fire 2. These particles can make their way through the filter system and begin to settle into the mechanics, particularly the blower motor causing the system to work much harder. A harder working system will slow down and burn out sooner than a clean system, causing higher repair costs that can be avoided.

Beyond system repair, leaving these particles in the system will also redistribute these particles back into the air humans and pets breathe daily. Anyone who has allergies or respiratory issues will be at higher risk for breathing problems. These particles will also make your home dustier, more to clean!

Routine system maintenance is always recommended to keep your system running properly which optimized energy consumption and increases the air quality in your home. However, during it's more important than ever to ensure you've changed your filter after the recent fires and get ready for fall's hot spells and the upcoming winter season.

Here are few tips to changing your air filter: Homeowner Maintenance: Changing the HVAC Filter

How do you know if your filter is dirty? Your filter may look different than this, and may not be as dirty, but here is how to tell a clean vs. dirty filter.

Changing your air filter doesn't take but a few minutes and can pay off long term by keeping your system running more efficiently. Here is quick tutorial how to change a filter from Consumer Reports.

If you were in the evacuation zone and haven't looked at your system since returning, it's good idea to have it professionally serviced to avoid costly repairs down the road. Of course we'd love to be the ones to help you if you reside in Orange County - contact us today!

Additional Resources:

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Maintaining Your Air Conditioner from

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