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Finding air conditioning in orange county can be the pits

Finding air conditioning in orange county can be the pits

Getting your air conditioning repaired in Orange County doesn’t have to be a gamble – especially during hot days when you need it the most. Yet, we hear the same story over and over. The heat goes up, you go to switch on the AC at the thermostat and… nothing. What happened? Here is what we hear most often; “It worked fine last year” or “We just had it installed 2 years ago”. Yet, why isn’t your new system working or the system you just had worked on last year? How frustrating! And now as a result, you’re sweating. That’s the pits.

Let’s explore. We find nearly every air conditioning equipment failure comes from improperly installed equipment or the wrong equipment installed or a combo of the two. We’ve heard it so many times from customers who tell us stories of having a company come out to do a repair and now they need new equipment. This is pressure sales tactics and how a lot of HVAC companies make their money. Finally, they will not only sell you equipment you may not need but they will sell you something that isn’t the correct size with the idea that the larger, the better! This is called up-selling and how to get a larger commission check in their back pocket. We’ve even been called out to do comparison quotes and find parts have been removed, which is why it’s failing! This is unacceptable and just plain wrong!

Because we don’t use flashy gimmicks and pressure sales rather, we use our passion and integrity to do the job right and do it right the first time. As a result, majority of our business comes from referrals. Furthermore, we find pride in the ability to fix the problems no one else can figure out by getting to root cause with our highly trained technicians. Most noteworthy, we will never up-sell or sell you anything you don’t need, rather, we use multiple data points to determine what is the right solution for your home.

These data points will include;

  1. The age of your existing system – if it’s less than 15 years, it’s worth fixing

  2. The size of your existing system along with duct work

  3. Number of registers/grills/returns

  4. Size of your home/office

  5. Number of windows

  6. Types of windows

  7. Insulation and types of insulation

  8. Positioning of the home (facing east vs facing north)

  9. Type of flooring

  10. Number of rooms

  11. Number of levels

  12. Type of roofing

  13. Existing size of ducting

In conclusion, if you’re wondering why your air conditioning was working last year but not this year or it’s just not getting cold – give us a call to get you an assessment/repair. In addition, if you want more ideas on how to find a HVAC contractor check out what the Energy Star folks have to say here.

You can connect with us here. Let the sweaty pits come from hard work or exercising and keep your home comfortable with the hardest working part of your home functioning with out a second thought. Always have a certified technician explain what is going on and WHY – ask for their license and research them. Because, as a consumer, the more research, the better.

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