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5 quick tips to stay warm without breaking the bank

Certainly turning up the heat on your central air system will help you keep warmer during shorter days and colder nights, but these can be costly on monthly energy bills. We’ve got a few thoughts on saving you money and energy this holiday season.

Tip 1: Close your curtains or blinds at night.

This is about keeping in the heat built up during the day by preventing heat loss through your windows at night. For those who have older windows or single-pane windows, we recommend heavier weight fabric to help out more.

Tip 2: Move your furniture to warm spots.

Let there be sunlight! Moving your beloved sitting spot in the sun can help keep you warmer alone – add a cup of hot cocoa to get extra cozy.

Tip 3: Add on the layers of clothing.

Mum said it best, snuggle up with extra layers, especially slippers to keep you warm. As much as we love our flip flops, we recommend switching out to include socks with those slippers to help save you money. Sorry sweaty feet folks, live with some socks for the rest of us for a few months.

Tip 4: Get cookin’.

Nothing like comfort food to keep us warm at night – check out these yummy favorites we love from buzzfeed. Plus, the warmth of a stove/oven going in the house adds extra heat, not to mention that keeping your body moving by cooking helps, too.

Tip 5: Hang some art.

Adding extra layers to your walls can also serve as insulation – get out your crayons, pencils, cameras, brushes, paints and start creating. If you’re not feeling so creative, there are great places to get art on the cheap around town.

Bonus tip! Ensure your furnace is running efficiently with regular tune-ups, the very least remember to change your filter every month. If you have pets, it may need to be changed more often. Can’t find your filter? Give us a call.

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