The South Coast AQMD has launched the CLEANair Furnace Rebate program in an effort to continue its ongoing commitment to helping residents create cleaner, healthier air throughout Orange County. South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) wants to help you reduce air pollutants, breathe cleaner air, and contribute to a healthier environment in your community.

Approximately 150,000 natural-gas-fired furnaces are installed each year throughout the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) region. These furnaces emit nitrogen oxides (NOx), an air pollutant that contributes to the formation of smog and particulate matter. Rule 1111 sets emission limits for these furnaces in an effort to reduce the NOx emissions from these devices.

SCAQMD continuously strives to improve the quality of the air you breathe and is sponsoring a program that provides a rebate to residents who purchase and install a compliant furnace that meets the SCAQMD Rule 1111 NOx emission limit. By replacing your furnace with an SCAQMD Qualified, Ultra-Low NOx furnace, you will be an essential part of this effort to reduce emissions and meet the goal of improved air quality within the SCAQMD jurisdiction.

As of October 1, 2019, condensing and non-condensing home furnaces offered for sale, sold, or installed within the South Coast Air Quality Management District must comply with a NOx emission limit of 14 ng/J. South Coast AQMD is offering rebates of up to $500 to residents who purchase and install a compliant furnace that meets the South Coast AQMD Rule 1111 NOx emission limit of 14 ng/J.


The first 6,000 compliant furnaces purchased and installed will receive a $500 rebate. Thereafter, rebates will be $300 for compliant condensing (high efficiency) furnaces and $200 for compliant non-condensing (standard), weatherized, and mobile home furnaces.

Take advantage of this opportunity to offset your cost on a new Ultra-Low NOx furnace and clean the air we breathe.

To view more information on the CLEANair Rebate Program as well as additional resources and the most current list of compliant products from all manufacturers can be found on the rebate program website: If you have any further questions regarding Rule 1111 compliance please contact the Area Sources Hotline at 909-396-2390.



$99 AC Tune-Up (Reg Price $109)
Ensure your system is ready for the hot weather by having us run a full system check which also includes cleaning, and an assessment if any repairs are needed. 

You’ll save on energy and may spare yourself an awkwardly timed call for repairs.

Filter not included. Repairs and parts quoted separately if needed.






$79 AC or Furnace Repair
Diagnostic Testing

With this offer, it includes our visit and a full diagnostic assessment to identify what's going on with your system. Then our highly trained tech work with you before we do any repairs to understand costs up front.

We believe in repairing systems and will never sell you anything your system doesn't need and we will never push to sell you a new system. 

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